Christmas 09'

We are thankful to live local which gives us the opportunity to see lots of family for the holidays. This year we were at 5 different locations starting at our house and ending at my Dad's. Here are a couple pictures to represent our day of celebration:

Here is Caleb more excited about the letters ' g a p' than the clothes inside it. Although I really liked it!

Here is Jared sporting his leg lamp replica from "The Christmas Story" movie from the 80's.

Caleb stuffing paper in his shirt.
Here is the Greene Family at their house in Merced

Here is a video from Christmas at my Dad's house:


Thanksgiving 09' - Herbert Family

This year two more babies were added to the clan!
Molly & Caleb meetGreene family - this is Riley

Two yearly family traditions: farkle (above) and this years football team.

Thanksgiving 09' - Young Family

Instead of doing one big post with both families I am going to separate them - Here are some pictures from my family on Thanksgiving day:
Boys playing video games
Ladies chattin' it upmen watching football in the garage

We had some excellent food and great company! Thanks for hosting us!


Caleb "reading"

Here is a video with Caleb reciting the dr. suess ABC's book. Although he has not yet learned how to read, he has learned the sound of his letters and is starting to build words thanks to LeapFrog.


Big Fresno Fair

Last week Caleb and I went to the fair twice! The first time with Mimi (forgot to bring the camera) and the second time with Jared with complimentary tickets from McCaffrey. Here are some pic's of our time there:

They have an amazing section of the fair just for kids, here they are in front of the pirate ship:
Another play set in the same area:

And of course, the famous fair food. This is the side of the "Chicken Charlie" booth with the following deep fried foods: oreo's, zucchini weeni, frog legs, sliders, avocado's and twinkies!(No we did not buy food there.)


Caleb's 3rd birthday party

We started the day watching the 'cars' movie while we prepared the birthday scene in hopeful expectations of our guests. Our menu was the classic Italian panini and pb&j for the kids. We had a great lunch, cupcakes for dessert and then opened presents.

Singing the Happy Birthday song:
The celebratory cupcake!
All the boys very excited about what is in the box!
Time for clean up!We had a fun day and thanks to all who came to make Caleb's 3rd birthday a great one!



That is all Caleb talks about these days. In fact, a couple nights ago, he was dreaming about it b/c I heard him talk in his sleep about racing. Last weekend we went out to the track in Atwater to support my nephews, Lamoni and Ammon. They started off the morning with the trophy presentation from the previous race. In this picture, Ammon is in 1st place and Lamoni is in 2nd, you can't get much better than that!After two practices, qualifying and a heat the race started. Here they are 2nd and 4th:
Close up of Lamoni:
Close up of Ammon:


"Little Pea"

Here is a video of Caleb "reading" Little Pea by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, a really cute book that Mimi bought him from Anthropology a couple years ago. See it here. Warning - this is a long video.



Last week we received an early birthday present from G&G Cookie, Caleb's first tricycle:


Vegas Baby!

Last week Jared need to be in Vegas for a trade show so I had the chance to pop on over and stay for a few days while he was working. I am so thankful for Mimi, who watched Caleb while I went to Sin City! I had been there about 6 years ago for Sarah's bachellorette party so quite a few things had changed. Most of my time there was by myself since Jared was there working so I set on foot to discover all the strip had to offer. I came back with wide eyes and sore feet! My favorite hotel had to be the Wynn hands down. There was so much color in their decor and they had fabulous water features. Here are a couple pictures of the Wynn inside and out:

This beautiful waterfall is displayed on the left hand side before you enter the hotel/casino.

Floor of the Wynn

Indoor courtyard

We also had the chance to eat dessert at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant in Paris.
and see the Bellagio water show from where we were eating: